Prof. dr. Marija S. Todorović

Prof. dr. Marija S. Todorovic, elected member of the Academy of Engineering Sciences of Serbia 2002. born in Novi Sad, of father Slavko Djukic and mother Natalija. After the graduation at the Energy Department of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Belgrade in 1965. she did specialization at the Institute for Thermodynamic and Refrigeration, Technical University in West Berlin and did examination by the measurement of the equilibrium curve and gas phase of Freon 502 recognised internationally. As Assistent for Thermodynamics at the Food Technology Department of Agricultural Faculty in Belgrade was elected in 1967. Ph.D.Sci. in Thermodynamics, University of Belgrade defended in 1977 and became Assistant Professor and Associate 1984 and Full Professor 1989.

As Fuhlbright Postdoctoral Research Associate 1985-86 she did research at the University of California, Mechanical Engineering Department, Berkeley. 1993/1995 she was Adjunct-Professor at the Architectural Engineering Department University of Kansas, Lawrence and with KU students won 2nd place award at the US/DOE/Southern California Edison Consortium’s Solar Two Challenge National Competition. At the National University of Singapore Visiting Scholar 2005 & Research Project Adviser 2008/2012; University of Hong Kong – Visiting Scholar 2006; Southeast University, School of Energy and Engineering, Nanjing, China, Guest Prof. elec. 2009. Invited Lecturer E-Learning Programs on Renewable Energy Sources (RES), 2006-7 UNESCO/ENEA and 2017-18 National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and UIA. Was lecturer in the Multidisciplinary Master Program Preventive Conservation, University of Belgrade and Sorbonne 2008-2011. Employed Research Professor, Kyung Hee University, Seoul, Korea, 2010-2015. She was supervisor and reviewer of numerous B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. thesis. She was founder of Laboratory for Thermodynamics & Thermotechnics at the Agricultural faculty in Belbgrade and its International Summer School on RES for sustainable development 1997-2010. Author of the Portfolios for the Student Competition Integrated Sustainable Building Drsign of ASHRAE (since 2007 is running in the world).

Her scientific work encompasses real matter thermodynamics, methods for nonlinear problems solving, heat and mass transfer, dynamic transient regimes in multiphase, multicomponent and porous systems in the processes of: energy conversion and storage, biotechnology, electronics, complex energetics, and simulation methods of dynamics of integrated HVAC/Building systems. Berkeley’s Enhanced Oil Recovery improved mathematical description of and performed the first microvisualization of thermal dispersion in porous systems, by the measurement of micro-temperature field in isolated liquid meniscus, using liquid crystals. She headed 30 scientific projects adviser of 10 projects. Published 303 scientific papers in journals & conferences and 9 books. Edited 2 monographs from the ICHMT series Heat and Mass Transfer in Porous Media and Spatio Temporal Structure and Chaos in Heat and Mass Transfer Processes. She was keynote and invited speaker, member of scientific committees and chairperson for numerous international conferences.

By the engineering research she developed methods and testing systems for determination of materials relevant features for solar radiation transfer and conversion; relevant material properties for freeze drying, systems for laboratory thermal investigation of components and field testing systems HVAC/building, solar thermal collectors (STC) and systems for solar energy utilization, thermal energy storage, experimenting and simulations of dynamic behavior and systems monitoring and validation, investigaiton of electronic structures convective cooling. More than 100 her studies, concept. and final design served development of technologies, STC prototypes construction and their industry foundation, construction of SE systems for drying and buildings energy supply, as well as to the development of testing and validation via contructed systems monitoring in synergy with sofware development for systems dynamic simularion.

Honors & Awards. 1994. awarded by the Kansas Solar Energy Industry Association for leadership. Was Scientific Secretary of the ICHMT 1998/9, Editorial Board member of Journals: Elsevier/ENB,
IBPSA/Building Performance Simulation. Is Editorail Board member of Inderscience’s Int. J. Global Warming and of the Conservation Science in Cultural Heritage Journal of Bologna University. Awarded by SMEITS-KGH Plaque 1995. & 1996. for the contribution to the development of technics, products and HVAC engineering and Journal. Is member of Serbian Scientific Society, recipient of REHVA Award for Science & Technology 2010, Elected Fellow-ASHRAE 2009 for exceptional excellence in art&science, Fellow-REHVA 2011, and Fellow-WAAS (World Academy of Art & Science) 2012. Was twice Jury member of Solar Decathlon Europe 2012 & 2014. Is member of ASHRAE TAC & Chairing REHVA Task Force RES Integrated Refurbishment. As CEO of received Energy-Globe Award for ECO-village Zagora in Montenegro. She is married mother of three children Borislav, Natalija and Jovan. She was an active sportswoman and several times Yugoslav Tennis Champion.